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Amazon Art Product SEO optimisation part.1 2016

To achieve best results when have new inventory item in your Amazon store, well then its time to optimize, otherwise your item will be not discover-able in Amazon's organic search results. Similar to Google concept, here is the same - You need first result page to expect some sales without paid campaign.

First We need to examine the product:

SEO analyze - giving recommendations .

Another inventory item found with improvement suggestion:

Keywords research and Keyword list creation. In Amazon , you can use a lot of keywords: 5 fields with 800 characters on each row
I use first 4 rows for bulk import(basic converted keywords for all category) and the last one field - unique for product keywords, like colors, content description and sizes/shapes of it:

On the next stage of keywords update process we see the difference from primary entered few general keywords and below improved keywords list:

You will need import table template to do bulk operations.

Additional keywords improvement in import file - You can do some advanced SEO here with The Saurus associated keywords - just fill in all synonyms for the main keyword generated by The Saurus dictionary.

to be continued in part 2.. to find the next part, just click on #Amazon label.
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