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Most Useful Mobile Apps of 2017: REVIEW - Travel Assistant + Social Experience

Guessing that, you like to travel too.. like I do.

  •  with no significant reasons, with lack of real motivational factor.
  • but this doesn't mean you're on the wrong way!

World Wide Trip is, probable the most generated  product by human dreaming. 

Kids with no experience in travel process want it too, why?

- Our curious nature draws us to new and unexplored areas, places and cultures.

- Impulsive, integrated with birth intent for feeling new emotions and meet new personalities

- New Landscapes keep personality ready for new experiences

- We are born with this cognitive desire by default, but not all us starting to chase this "big fish" wish.
This Subject of my review today, will examine one interesting travel mobile application.

I will guide you on your way to test personal later.
I picked this specific application, not because of my personal preference. I guided my choice assisted with Editors in Google Play Store.
Editor's Pick in Google Play Store May 2017
If someone need a simple explanation for CouchSurfing mobile product I will say:
  • interesting travel assistant and simulation planner
  • social and travel emotional experience in one
  • meet in unique way with locals and hosts
  • invite new visitors in your place for dinner or party
  • useful and secure
  • huge amount of data already existing - local attractions, habits, trends..
  • users rating system , strong more than Trip Advisor or AirBNB
  • huge database for places worldwide (33 000 000)
Install: CouchSurfing Mobile App For Android
VIDEO: First Look, Run and Explore Functions

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