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Official 3-month Digital Marketing Strategy 2016 - Development agency Sofia, Bulgaria

Company: DevriX
Date: 02.05.2016
Sofia, Bulgaria

Digital Marketing Strategy
May-July /3 months/

  1. Keywords - define main keywords used by users to apply in SEO posts
    1. Refine keywords list - relevant to professional wordpress services
    2. Separate these keywords into groups by meaning. Example: best wordpress themes, premium wordpress themes... /group “ wp themes” /
    3. Prepare SEO posts to be published in different online channels: Social, blogs by subject (themes, plugins..).
    4. Use hashtags - same like main keywords extracted. Add current trending hashtags for more visibility in social networks
    5. Create texts from keywords list to post over related websites
    6. Main quality keywords: “wordpress development company” , “wordpress development services”

  1. Competitors - research main 5 competitors and use best practices to implement in DevriX website.
    1. Extract competitor keywords and meta descriptions, apply in Devrix website and also add more similiar.
    2. Use first competitor website layout design and positions to improve self appearance. Add top slider. Front page - differences from competitors - refine contents - easy to read - simple user text.
    3. Main competitors:,,

  1. On-page SEO - use existing keywords from competitors and users search queries. Additional analytics systems use to dig for more keywords and stats.
    1. Insert all keywords with high search volume into DevriX website.
    2. Optimise and improve all meta titles, descriptions, anchor texts.
    3. Remove not relevant keywords and descriptions like: seo, html5 framework.

  1. Off-page SEO
    1. Daily updates in company’s main social network pages Google+ / Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook / Youtube. 1 post daily in each network.
    2. Creation of new social networks profiles and post daily updates: Tumblr, Livejournal, Buzzfeed, Digg, Delicious, CiteUlike, CSSbased, Exchangle, Hatena, iOrbix  and 20+ more social networks.
    3. Google+: Add physical address to company on google business , write reviews and also motivate users to do so. Add contents like company photos, team photos, daily updates.
    4. Facebook: Like all related to wordpress websites. Offer partnership to this list. Guest posts exchange. Company page need to be improved in posting contents - users are not engaged at all. Content is not interesting or useful. Need access into post analytics to find out the reason.
    5. Youtube channel: Hangouts sessions record, Live events broadcast with additional streaming tools. Frequent updates, new demo videos, presentation videos creation. Cover design. Update channel info and improve all data fields. Vimeo video profile creation. Upload videos.
    6. LinkedIn: 2 post per week with relevant publications and company activities contents.
    7. Exchange/promote links/posts/videos between all channels to increase rich contents for each.
    8. Customer reviews systems involve: best SEO review systems and register in their database, improve company reputation and rating:,,
    9. Guest comments in related blogs and forums.

  1. Partners - websites like freelance portals
    1. Find relevant places for cooperative relations. Link exchange, banners exchange. Exchange posts..
    2. Commision for referrals from partners websites, when conversions made.
    3. Freelance websites to offer partnership:,,,,,,
    4. Wordpress general related websites - wordpress lessons, forums and blogs - send emails to all relevant websites with partnership proposal.

  1. DevriX website improvements
    1. New top slider - main activities, projects variations, discount offers..
    2. Implement Youtube Videos on home page and subpages. Promotional and educational contents to be included.
    3. Bounce rate is too high - need to be improved with additional elements like: Pop-up banners on exit with promotional discount offers.
    4. Promotional offers like: “Free onetime code review” , “7 days support trial”, “Fee expert review”.
    5. “Tell a friend” option in footer or in floating menu on products/services page
    6. “Subscribe” option for updates , news and posts.


Relevant search results and related websites research:

Facebook strategy to improve visibility and increase relevance. Partnership offer to all list with relevant pages

Top keywords by DevriX website visitors:

Example for relevant professional social network:

Website improvements SEO - news section:

Notes: This plan is not official. To be approved, first have to analyze WebMaster Tools and Google Analytics data. Otherwise results may differ from forecasts. Examples used in chapters are just partial, complete list can be updated weekly. Paid strategies are not included as we agreed.

Kolyo Iliev - Digital Marketing Manager - Sofia - +359885718095

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