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Mobile Applications for Education - One easy way to satisfy your kid's both needs - knowledge and fun - Astro Cat's Solar System


All we need is just the best for our children. This amazing app combines two of most important things in each kid's growth - play and learn. Today's modern applications creates more interactivity and friendly contact with children. 

Lets see on very relevant one - Astro Cat's Solar System - Game and Learning interactive application.
If you like Space storoies and pictures - so therefore your boy or girl should like them too.

Astro Cat is the main character here and with his blue magic look - this cute space cat is ready to lead our kid to new and unknown spaces in our solar system in very curious and catchy way.

Planets for kids - Yes you have a lot of planets and learn and even more - everybody can read easy with no attention on boring details - an interesting way of appearance chosen by Minilabstudios®.

Creative kids - a new word and meaning, that we looking for last 20 years - we want to develop our child's brain as much more as possible with effective learning pattern.. But is it real?

Solar system for kids video:

"NASA for kids" - yes we can name this learning application like that. Interesting, with various contents -  first step to astronomy for kids.
If you're looking for practical and useful space facts for kids - the way Professor Astro Cat serving all the data is at the same time short and catchy facts about space.

Kids Astronomy - fast way to learn curious space facts while playing.

Main menu

Definitely the first element you will look at is easy, touch friendly menu:
The main menu, by itself is divided in 2:

Main menu navigating through solar system planets and pick some new one every time to explore all 'bout it:  

As the team describes best the 5 keys in this app-game:

5 - EXPLORE the frontiers of our solar system.
Travel the vastness of space with the tip of your finger! 
4 - DISCOVER planets, moons, suns, spacecraft and everything in between.
Get to the core of the matter with the ‘unzip’ feature! 
3 - PLAY awesome jetpack challenges.
Fuel Astro’s jetpack with your new-found knowledge!
2 - EARN cool medals for your collection.
Get three stars in your Jetpack challenges to win all 11! 
1 - BUILD a rocket as you go.
Winning medals creates rocket parts – you’ll need them all! 
The rocket is one interesting element into the application, without completing all part and put them into
place, you can't complete the game.
When You hit the button on your down right, looking like radar - you will explore our Solar System at different point of view:

Also you receive certification for each planet taken in the gameplay.

For each planet or space object - on first look you will learn new short useful info about the planet, like this example here for planet Saturn:

- when you hit "DISCOVER" you will know new and expanded information about the planet in the Solar system.

The main gameplay

is giving answers to questions that Professor Astro Cat asking you, The answers are given meanwhile we discover at first look some planet.

Question asked by Professor Astro Cat  about Jupiter's moons:
As long as you give correct answers to Astro Cat - you will earn Astro Snaks (equivalent to: number of correct answers).
For each level (planet) the requirements for passing the level will be different.


The company creator of this useful and Awards Wining App, awarded by AASL in category "Best App For Teaching and Learning 2016" and other professional networks and organisations.

Facebook post with the prize from AASL!

You can check out creators website here. MiniLab Studios
To use the learning app is necessary to have mobile device with Android OS or iOS support.
Download, Learn and Play!

The Professor Astro Cat is coming to all iPhone users with 33% discount for 6,99 from 9,99.
- Android version of this app is already updating to new versions. Find Professor Astro Cat on Google Play

 Download Professor Astro Cat for iPhone with 33% off!

Keep in Touch:

The conclusions:

- Professional good looking and effective results
- The Modern Nasa learing app for kids
- Solar System learing best product for children on the market
- Time saving system ,that gives you more time for yourself
- Friendly in interesting look - keep kids attention on the information provided
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